Napisz wypracowanie na temat przesądów. Masz dwa te,aty do wyboru:<br />
1. &quot;Superstitions is my family&quot;<br />
2. &quot;Are you superstitious?&quot;<br />
Objętość pracy to 100&#45;150 słów. <br />
Przesądy: Czarny kot, czterolistna kończyna, numer 13, tłuczone lustro, czarne buty na stole, torba na podłodze, kopniak w pupę.<br />
Bardzo proszę o pomoc. ;&#41;&#41;



My name is fijas. I’m seventeen and I come from Świdnica. I’m learning at technological school. I’m an only child. My mother is a nurse and my father is a mechanic. I have a pet called Dino. It’s a dog and I lke him very much. I have two grandmothers - Sabina, Irena and one grandfather - Stanisław. I get on well with my couisins. Jola is a student of gymnasium, Martin is studying building, Gregor is an elecrtican and Tom is an architect.

The member of my family which I like the most I like is my granny Sabina. It’s a nice and lovely seventy-four year lady with good sense of humour. She likes cooking, knitting, ‘disco polo’ music, good wine, warm summer rain and arguing with grandfather. She likes hip-hop a little but she can’t stand my wide jeans.

All members of my family meet each other at christmas when we chat about our memories and funny situations we had.
In spite of having different interests and characters we can understand each other. That’s why I like my family very much.

i to drugie

would like to tale you the tale about the big pig from my garden.

Once upon a time, i had got a beautiful garden, called "rosebury garden" - biggest pride of my family. Family founders was famous becouse of this gift of nature, imrpoved by men. The famous lasted for ages - new generations was taking care for garden just like they were founders - and they enjoed this. After 260 years of the magnificence of rosebury garden, in 1998, something wrong hapanned. Trees appeared to be corrupted - the priest said, that might be some king of evil power, sent by our old enemies from the past. But we didn&#39;t really belief in superstitions, and we tried to find a reason of the corruption. And we found it! A big, black pig, with settled in that part of garden that we haven&#39;t visited for years, because it was sacred because of graves of our dead family members. The pig was eating roots of plants and trees - making them die. We had killed the pig and ate it - it was really delicious. Now its head decorates our family crypt&#39;s entrance.