My neighbor is called . Has a lot dzieci.trzech sunów and five daughters. It is nice and kind. It helps to make shopping for me mamay.

mój sąsiad nazywa się .........
ma dużo dzieci.trzech sunów i pięć córek. jest miły i uprzejmy. pomaga mi robić zakupy dla mamay.
This is Tom. He has black hair and blue eyes. He's tall and slim. Tom has got wife and two childrens. He likes tennis and basketball.
He is very frendly and responsible. Tom working in police. He has a car. I like my neighbour.
Marcin is my neighbour, who lives across the street. Marcin is tall and muscular. I heard that he is a proffesional boxer. However Marcin isn't that kind of man, who looks like "bad guy". He looks rather friendly and he is really kind. He's got short, black hair and thin nose. He also got big, green eyes and rectangular chin. He always got clean clothes, and he always look good. I really like my neighbour Marcin.