Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
He has just talked with her
i won't talk to you.
wait, i am talking now.
would you like to talk with her ??
i talked with Ann yesterday.
she doesn't want to talk to you.
what about talking by phone?
i must talk with somebody.
we haven't talked for 2 months
i'd like to talk to you
I am talking on the phone (Pesent continouns)
We have been talking for an hours (Past perfect continouns)
I talked to her last Sunday (Past Simple)
Asia talks much... (Present Simple)
I've already talked with Michał on skype (Past Perfect)

I'm talking to my mom now.
She talk to him every Monday.
He was talking with his dad.
They talked on the phone.
Let's talk about us.
They are talking about little bear.
We are going to talk about my new phone.
I like to talk about hair.
He talked to him for one hour.
She should talk with her mum.