This is my ticher. She tich biologi. She has go beautiful, very long hair. Her nam is Magdalena Las.(na przykład)
Her eyes are blue and big. Sh's got very nice cloths. I like she. I like biology:)
She is middle aged. She is slim and tall. She had medium length and wavy hair blond, it is always dissolved. She often wears T-shirt in the checked and tight jeans. She likes to wear bracelets. She wears a delicate make-up. She looks nice person.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My favourite teacher is my English teacher. I like her so much because she cares about her students and she can explain everything. She's very friendly too. She's very young. Ms. jakaśtam has got short brown straight hair. She's got brown green eyes. She's slim and tall. She usually wears dress and high-heeled shoes. She looks really nice.