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Pop music - popular music in general, the term is ambiguous, however, in the broadest sense, means any kind of music, whatever its nature. In a narrower sense is more pop called "soft" and customer-oriented mass fraction of rock music characterized by its simplicity, melodious and broader than in classic rock music, using synthesizers and studio recording techniques. Often pop styles are varieties grown from the original styles of music of different varieties (not just rock), or combinations of these varieties so zestawianymi to remove the intolerable sound at a given time by the majority of potential listeners, and to preserve the wording, which are currently fashionable . In a narrower sense of pop is considered the opposite of rock music as its main task is attraction to the public, most of which most In an even lesser extent pop is considered the opposite of rock music since its main task is to attraction of the public who mostly prefer listening to things pleasant, light and pleasant, while in theory the idea of rock is a message odautorski.
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