Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
  • Użytkownik Zadane
One cloudy day little Johnny was sitting in the attic and rummage in boxes of souvenirs. Suddenly I saw a little dog-robot. He had looked awfully big eyes and sharp teeth, but Johnny, as small children is interesting, could not resist and took him in hand. In an instant, his eyes began to glitter dog in all colors, and he heard only two words: Feed me, then disappeared. Janek family searched for him a little long, but the body was not found. After the incident, the parents moved away Janek from there. House long stood empty, until one momentyu when introduced to his marriage to the child, a small Gosia. Goshia already knew a few days later, all but one of the corners of the house attic. So there postanoiła proceed. These miejce was not at all unusual. But the girl eyes stopped at a toy, it was a dog. The girl came without hesitation and took it on his hands. And soon there was a Feed ME ......
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