Napisz po Angielsku o swoim ulubionym programi.. prosiłabym o programie mam talent.
Skożystaj z tych pytań.:
1. What in the title of the programme?
2. What type of programme is it?
3. Why do you like it?
4. What happens in the programme?
5. Who is your favourite character?




Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
He is my favourite series I have talent. It is very interesting series, since people are found in it about extraordinary talents. People are appearing about extraordinary talents therefore these series are interesting, interesting .Such people which are able to sing are my favourite participants of this program, to amuse people.
1 5 1
1.This program beguile it talent.
2.It light program.
3.As it shows as people can show world talent and grant mazhena dreams.
4.People (people) show talents or untalents.
5.There is my favorite..(i tu wpisz kto jest ywoim faworytem w programie)

Mam nadzieje że pomogłam:)
Write in English about your favorite programi .. I ask about the program have the talent. What in the title of the program? My favorite TV program is "Mam Talent" What type of program is it? This is entertainment. Why do you like it? Because there are people that we watch because their talent and can also laugh in August. What happens in the program? People present their talent. jury choose one character, who gets the money. Who is your favorite character? My favorite is Chylinska as approaches to his work emotionally. She sings beautifully , is a singer.
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