Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Ex. 5p. 45:
1. Will people drive cars ?
Yes, they will.
2. Will you be a grandparent?
No, I won't.
3. Will people travel in space ?
Yes, they will.
4. WIll everybody have a computer ?
Yes, they will.
5. Will the weather be hotter ?
Yes, it will.

ex. 6 p. 45;
1. will be
2. will have
3. will do
4. will help
5. think
6. won't drive
8. won't go

ex.7 p. 45
2. The tyrers is made of rubber.
3. The T-shirt is mad eof fabric.
4. The jars is made off glass.
5.The box is made of cardboard.
6. The cans is mad eof metal.
7. The newspaper is made of paper.
8.The water bottles is made of plastic.

ex.8 p. 45

to zadanie mam chyba źle, ale napisze ci tak jak mam.
2. toys-fabric
3. desk-wood

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