!!! PILNE !!!
potrzebuję to na jutro !!!
osobie, która jako pierwsza to dobrze zrobi daję NAJ !!!

proszę o wypowiedz na około minimum 3/4strony A5

proszę o prace o wakacjach- pytania pomocnicze.

pytania, na które w pracy musi być odpowiedź:
1) Do you prefer quiet, exciting or exotic holidays? why?- minimum 3 powpody.
2) What do you usually do when you're on holiday?
3) Do you like any of the ideas for travel in the travel? why?
4) Do you dislike any of the ideas? Why?
5) What is the perfect holiday desination for you, and what do you do there?

proszę aby było to wykonane starannie.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I prefer quiet holidays because I'm exhausted after school and I want to rest. I like admire the nature in quiet and without anybody. The last reason is that I'm a queit person,who don't like be among very big group of people.
When I'm on holiday I'm walking, I'm swimming, I'm a lot of sleep, I regenerate after work/school or I'm going at the party, I'm dancing, I'm going out to meet with my friends, I'm riding a bike
I like travel in the travel because I might meet some interesting people, I can see new kind of nature, and after all travels I could come to hotel, where I stay in travel
No, I like all of ideas
I think the perfect holiday destination could be Spain, because there is very hot almost all the time, there are very beautiful girl (;)) and you can go to every trip without fear that the weather destroy your holiday. If I would be there I almost swam all the time in a sea, and went to trip. Of course evenings I'd go to party and learning/dancing salsa :)