Write questions and answers about your friend's pets using the words in brackets and the Present Progressive or the Present Simple.

1. (the bird/eat/vegetables?)
-Does the bird eat vegetables?

(yes /it/eat/vegetables and fruit)

2.(the bird,have/a bath/now?)

(no/it/not/have/a bath)

(it/sit/on a branch)

3.(how often/you/change/the water?)

(I/change/the water/every three days)

4. (what /the fish/do/now?)


5. (your pets/bite)

(no/they/not bite)



1)Yes, it eats vegetables and fruit.
2) Is the bird having a bath now?
No, it isn't having a bath.
It is sitting on a branch.
3) How often do you change the water?
I change the water every three days.
4) What is the fish doing now?
It is eating.
5) Do your pets bite?
No, they don't bite.