Proszę odpowiedzieć na pytania (oczywiście po angielsku)

1. Jaki kraj chcesz odwiedzić? czemu?

2. Co chcesz zmienić w wyglądzie?

3. Co byś zrobiła gdybyś była prezydentem?

4. Co zrobisz kiedy dorośniesz, czemu tak myśloisz?

5. Gdzie chcesz jechać na wakacje?



1. I want go to Great Britan, becuse this country has a interesting history.
2.I want to change color my eyes.
3. I will declare war
4. I will study on University Jagielloński and after I will by a scientist
5. I want to go on Madagaskar, becouse there is very hot
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I want visit London becouse it's very beautiful place. I can go see Buckingam Palace and other amazing buildings.

2. If I could change something in my look it will be probably my nose. I want have small, nice nose.

3. If I could be president I took care of that in my country that there was no famine. I cared for peace and entertainment.

4. When I grow up I want to be a teacher because the students would like to pass their knowledge and broaden their scope of knowledge.

5. I would like to go on holiday to Rome. Then I could see many interesting places and learn the great things about another culture.