Chose one of the disasters that can happen in your country. Find information and write notes. What causes this sort of disaster? What has happened in the past ? What can people do to stay safe in these coditions ? Use your notes. Make a fact sheet.



One of disasters in our country is affect demographic problems for economic evolution. Demographic is area of science. Demographic deals arrange people and migrates. Main problem of this area is birth rate. Present Polish birth rate is O %. It's mean which in Poland live more old people. Less of people give of birth.
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Wybrał jednego z katastrof, które mogą zdarzać się w twoim kraju. Znajdź informacje i napisz notatki. Co powoduje ten rodzaj katastrofy? Co zdarzyło się dawniej? Co puszkę ludzie robią z pobytem sejf w te coditions? Skorzystaj z twoich notatek. Zrób zestawienie.