Inspector Crumb Investigates
‘I think I know the identity of the murderer,’ said Inspector Crumb, ‘and at (1)______
one of the guests in this hotel was a/an (2) ______ to the crime, probably by
(3) ______. I believe that the same guest is also a (4) ______, and has been given
money by the killer.’ ‘So whoever (5) ______ this terrible crime is still here,’ I said.
‘But of course. In (6) ______ he – or she – is in this room, and will soon be
(7) ______ arrest.’ There was silence for a moment. I noticed that everyone was
trying to look (8) ______, but they all looked guilty instead! ‘Do you have any
(9) ______, Inspector,’ asked Lady Grimshaw finally, ‘or are you simply (10) ______
people for fun? If you intend to (11) ______ someone, you should do it now.’ The
Inspector smiled. ‘I asked you here (12) ______ purpose, Lady Grimshaw. I have
been reading your (13) ______ , you see, and it is quite clear that you have told
several (14) ______.’ ‘How dare you!’ Lady Grimshaw spluttered. ‘Do you
(15) ______ that you were with Tim Dawson in the garden on the night of the
murder?’ the Inspector said? ‘You forgot about the security cameras, you see...
1) A) last B) least C) the D) school
2) A) witness B) offender C) guilty D) verdict
3) A) now B) damages C) law D) accident
4) A) blackmailer B) hostage C) hooligan D) forger
5) A) confessed B) committed C) admitted D) performed
6) A) crime B) self-defence C) fact D) danger
7) A) to B) having C) under D) my
8) A) accused B) suspicious C) ordinary D) innocent
9) A) evidence B) witness C) permission D) body
10) A) suspecting B) suing C) denying D) accusing
11) A) trial B) charge C) sentence D) confess
12) A) with B) for C) on D) by
13) A) statement B) biography C) evident D) history
14) A) people B) errors C) times D) lies
15) A) refuse B) deny C) contradict D) suppose

Proszę pomóżcie!



1 a
2 c
3 d
4 nie wiem;(
5 b-chyba
6 c
7 a
8 d
9 nie wiem ale chyba b
10 a
11 d
12 a
13 b
14 nie wiem
15 prawdopodobnie c

Nie wiem czy to dobrze..