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There was little in the history of cinema films, which managed to move the viewer to a completely different world. The thought occurs to me here right away Never Ending Story, from which the images (like a big turtle in the marshes, mud and strange creatures) before my eyes today, despite the fact that movie I saw once, almost 20 years ago. I had to wait long for something that beats in this respect the work of Wolfgang Petersen. Another such film for me was Peter Jackson's trilogy "The Lord of the Rings". Kingdom of the Elves, Dwarves, hobbickie Shire, Forest Entów ... each of these lands is a separate world that unscathed managed to move to the big screen. New Zealander almost perfectly reproduced the atmosphere of Tolkien's Middle-earth, creating a brilliant adaptation of the best adventure novels of all time.
Such projects, in addition to the great vision of the director also require big money. Unfortunately, all too often missing one or two (and sometimes both, which ends in tragedy). James Cameron is not lacking, however, neither the vision nor the money, so the "avatar" zafundował show us what movies did not know yet.

Watching the most anticipated film of the year, I felt like a child, which every day reveals another piece of the world and finds out new exciting things about our reality. Already the first minutes of the film remind us that we commune with a monumental work. Cameron did not save. In almost every scene is given us to enjoy some part of wykreowanego for the film world. When hired by an evil corporation RDA Lieutenant Quartich (Stephen Lang) in a sublime way speaks to his subordinates, in the background we see the amazing landscape of the planet Pandora, which does not looks like a postcard pasted in the window, but the life of its own, independent from the events of the first plan. And so it is in every scene. Thanks to its innovative method of shooting in three dimensions, and incredible attention to detail, at almost every stage, we can actually watch two films - the proper, where the main action takes place, and the second, in the background, where is the daily life, whether it in the database, or in the wild jungle pandoriańskiej.

A jungle is magnificent. Actually, if Cameron decided to completely ignore the story and show us only the images of their imaginary world and so oceniłbym the movie very highly. There is also no room for savings. Together with the heroes we know, hundreds of species of plants and animals living in the world of worms. Flies in the skies, we are plunged into the water, walks in the dense forests, climbed after hanging in the air "" the mountains. And everything we see is absolutely amazing!

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