Hello dear Anna
How are you?
I am on the sea;)
that;s great, I'm swimming in the sea and i go to beach every day with my familly.
The weather it's ok, every day it's sunny and very hot,well i think this is good;)
I'm back on 16th may ;)
Port El Kantaoui, 03 nd July 2009
Hi, Magda!
How are you?
I am into the Port of El Kantaoui, small town in central Tunisia.
Weather is cool - all the time a sun is shining. There is a very hot!
I am having a good time - I am spending the day on trips to the Sousse city, on sitting on the beach and diving. I'm coming back on 16th July.
Sunny greetings!
Hi Magda!
How are you? I'm in England with my family. It's not hot, but it's ok. Sometimes raining. I was in London Eye and in China town. London is very big city! Tomorow I will go shopping! I love it, but I will be at home in saturday.
See you soon.