Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I usually wake up at seven o'clock except at the weekends. A few minutes later I am ready to get up. I quickly make the bed and go to the bathroom. I carefully brush my teeth, wash my face and comb my hair. Then a get dressed and make my way to the kitchen. I usually have yoghurt, a cheese sandwich and cup of tea for breakfast. I make it myself because my parents are always in a hurry in the morning. We leave the house together and I rush to a bus stop. I go to school by bus and this takes me more or less twenty minutes. I usually spend six hours at school and about 2 p.m. I get home. Hungry, I eat dinner and I rest for a while. Then I clean my room, wash up, hoover and empty the bin. However, sometimes I get behind with housework.
At five o'clock my parents are back and we have an afternoon snack. This is the best part of the day. We all ebjoy it very much. Later I begin doing my komework. If there is not much to do I listen to music or visit my friend.
In the evening I have supper and then I watch television with my parents. I like watching the news and interesting films. About 11 p.m. I have a shower and get ready for bed. A few minutes later I am in bed already and I fall asleep so as to get up again in the morning. This established routine is of course broken at the weekends and during my holidays.

To jest na 100% pewne i prawidłowe. Pozdrawiam :)
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