Witam muszę napisać essej na temat "How can we reduce air pollution levels in our cities" W załączniku przesyłam dokument w którym jest wypracowanie napisane przeze mnie. Bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie i poprawę błędów.



Environmental pollution is a serious problem for us. We heighten it using coal stoves or and varnishes in aerosol.
Everyday, everyone of us destroy environment, because everybody go to work or school by his car.
Cars produce large quantity of smokes. We can use public transport. That solution will reduce quantity of fumes in air. We should use coal stoves or oil, we should build installations using power from natural sources or install filters on chimneys. We could use trains to carry all products. That sollution would reduce air pollution. It would be good if farmers used natural muck, because it doesn't destroy environment. In my opinion it is very bad. Pollution is a serious problem for us. It's getting worse and worse every day. We should try to change it or we will die.