1.What is your favourite sport?
a) My favourite sport is basketball
b) My favourite sport is football
c) My favourite sport is volleyball

2.Do you like corporate sports or individual sports?
a) I like individual sports.
b) I like corporate sports.
c) I like both of this.

3.How often do you play sports?
a) I play sports only on weekend.
b) I play sports two or three times on week.
c) I play sports once. In thursday.

4.Do you want organize a contest in school?
a) Yes. I'd like to.
b) No. It isn't good idea.
c) Maybe, would be great.
3 5 3
My favourite sport is swimming.
I like corporate sports.
That two or I run three days
I like school contests (emulation) so and we make it often
2 5 2
My favourite sport is (...). I like (...) because is funny and interesting. I play (...) one years.

I like individual sports, because I like to play alone.
I don't like play with other.

I play sport often. I go for additional sports. I like it.

No, i don't because i don't like play with other.
But i like playing individual sport so I can organize such a competition.
2 5 2