Zad 1

Bob got a good job łast September and he's earning a łot of money.
Say what has happened since then. Here are some prompts.
1. Rent a bigger house. (they)
2. Visit their friends in Italy. (they)
3. Stop working. (Betty)
4. Spend a lot of money on clothes. (they)
I 5. Buy a new Jaguar. (John)
6. Not borrow any money. (they)
7. Take Betty out several times. (John)
8. Throw away all her old clothes. (Betty)

Zad 2
Put in since or for:
1. I haven 't seen her ... January.
2. They have lived in that house … twenty five years.
3. We haven't been there… Monday.
4. He has had this car …..two months.
5. They've known the Browns........ more than a year.
6. I've been here ……eight o'clock.

Zad 3
Write the correct form of the verb:
1. I never (be) to England.
2. I (not be) to England since 1992.
3. I (be) in England two years ago.
4. He (see) John three times since December.
5. He (not see) John for ten months.
6. He (not see) John last month.
7. She (work) as a secretary for two years.
8. She (work) as a secretary since last year.
9. She (work) as a secretary when she was in London.
10. We (have) this car for a year.
11. We (have) this car since 1991.
12. We (have) this car in' 1992.
Zad 4
Put the verbs in the Present Tense or the Future Simple Tense.
l. She… (be) a dentist if she … (pass) her exam. 2. They… (go) to a private school if their parents … (have) enough money. 3. She… (go) to Scotland if Bob … (invite) her. 4. He… (start) working if he … (leave) school this year. 5. If ... (not write) the letter today, she ... (not get) it in time.

Zad 5
Make questions.
1. been/never/has/who/abroad?
2. travel/you/did/Italy/how/to?
3. haven’t/why/sold/you/car/old/your?
4. tell/she/didn’t/about/meeting/you/why/the?
5. message/me/this/for/left/who?
6. to take /they/did/job/this/decide/when?

Zad 6
Translate the following sentences into English.
1. Nigdy nie byłem za granicą.
2. Właśnie skończyłem obiad.
3. Umyję samochód, jeśli ty nie masz czasu.
4. On ci pomoże, jeśli go poprosisz.
5. Ojciec Toma pracuje w fabryce od pięciu lat.
6. Ona zdała maturę dwa lata temu.
7. Nigdy nie widziałem tak dobrej sztuki w tym teatrze.



Ad 1
1.They have rented a bigger house.
2. They have visited their friends in Italy.
3. Betty has stopped working
4. They have spent a lot of money on clothes.
5. John has bought new Jaguar.
6. They haven't borrowed any money
7. John has taken Betty out several times.
8. Betty has thrown away all her old clothes.

Ad 2
1.since 2. for 3. since 4 for 5. for 6. since

Ad 3
1. I have never been to England
2 I haven't been to England since 1992
3. I was in England two years ago.
4. He has seen John...
5. He hasn't seen John..
6. He didn't saw John..
7. She has been working for...
8. She has worked
9.She was working...
10. We have had...
11. We have had
12. We had...

Ad 4
1. She will be a dentist if she passes he exam
2. They will go... if their parents have
3. She will go.. if Bob invites her
4. He will start working if he leaves ...
5. brakuje podmiotu, załóżmy że jest I- If I don't write .. she won't get it

Ad 5
1. Who has never been abroad?
2. How did You travel to Italy?
3.Why haven't you sold your old car?
4. Why didn't she tell You about the meeting?
5. Who left this message for me?
6. When did they decide to take this job?

Ad 6.
1.I have never been abroad.
2. I have just finished eating my dinner.
3. I will wash your car, if you don't have a time
4. He will help you if You ask him
5. Tom's father has been working in this factory for five years.
6. She passed her exam two years ago.
7. I have never seen such wonderful play in this theathre before.