Napisz mail od zoe do jej przyjaciela (imie wymyslic) posługujac sie informacjami z dialogu.


Zoe : Hey! Carl, is that you? Wow, long time no see.
Carl : Hiya, zoe! Anyway how’s things? Are you still at school?
Zoe : yeah, but I go to Manchester uni in September.
Carl : Great! Are you still seeing that guy from Manchester, what’s his name?
Zoe : Kevin Riley? No, we broke up a while ago. And he’s gone to London now. Anyway what are you doing these days?
Carl : I’m at Liverpool uni. That’s not too far away from Manchester.
Zoe : Right! Oh, here’s my bus. I’ve got to be going. It was really nice seeing you again, Carl.

Prosze o pomoc!



Hey Thomas!
How are you ? I'm good. I go to Manchester Uni in September! :)
I broke up with Kevin and he's gone to London now. And you're now in realtionship? I wait for your answer :)

xoxo Zoe ;P