Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
SHE: Hello!
ON: Hello!
SHE: It"s nice to see you after such a long time!
ON: Thank you, you, too.
SHE: How do you feel?
ON: Well, are you??
SHE: It"s not bad, but would like to thank the you ask.
ON: Excuse me for asking but whose baby is? Your?
SHE: No! Brother"s daughter, takes care of her because his wife went on vacation and asked me would it take care.
ON: Ah yes. Beautiful girl.
SHE: Thank you on behalf of the parents.
ON: Not at all I say as it is.
SHE: Well, we must go.
ON: Okay. Thank you.
SHE: Hi!
ON: Hi!