Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I would like to be a computer specialist because i like do a lot of things on computer and i know it system.

I admire a sciencists because they must be very inteligent, on their job they often discover a amazing things.I think is is cool.

The most dangerous job, i think is a snake wrangler. They must gets snakes to bite into a piece of material over a glass container. After that this venom goes to laboratory, but snake sometimes can bite a snake wranglers. It is very dangerous.
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1. I would like to be computer specialist because I like information technology a lot and computers are my hobby since I was a child.

2.I admire doctors. They need to have a huge knowledge and be brave, because people's life depends on them.

3. The most dangerous is a thief job (if it is a job at all..), but seriously I think that firemen's and policeman's lifes are exposed everyday.