Opsz swoj zły dzien (bad day) w formie dialogu np grałes rano w pilke nozna i stlukles kolano pozniej idziesz do kolegi i spadasz ze szchodow na plecy nastepnie kolega przynosi ci szklanke wody ktora cie oblewa ma to byc w formie dialogu



-Hey.What's the matter Marry?
You look really sad.Are you crying?
-No,of course not!I just feel so bad.
-So what the problem?Can you speak me?
-No,I didn't!!!!!!!
-Come on,I'm your best friend!
-OK.I have problem with football at exercises.I got an F again,the sixth one this semester,and I don't want my mum to know about it!And at exercise I bought my knee
-Oh...It's pain Well.Dont worry,baby!Maybe I can help ya.
You know I'm very good at W-F I can teach you and then you.
But I cant.My paint's are wet beacause my friend's poured me water
-Ahahahah dont worry .I give you a new sports outfit:)
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