Na jutro potrzebuje pomóżcie . Write an email to afriend.Tell him/her about something funny or strange that happened tu you.

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We had a great Saturday. We went to cinema

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The film about the crocodiles was so funny that I cried. When we left the theater rang the taxi taxi did not come but I do not know for what. We met clowns began to tickle us and know that I never liked clowns but they were really funny. I decided to earn some extra money each and to employ as a clown was one more free space. Write to you tomorrow as it was the first day of work
Yours imieee
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Hi Susan,
I had a really strange Saturday, I went to Berlin and this was the stragest and the funiest day in my life.
First I'm late on the train, but I Lated only 1 minute, so I have to wait 1 hour for next train.When I Was sitting in the train the controler asked me for a passport and then i saw that i didn't have this document. But the controler was really nice and i could go to Berlin,when I was in Berlin I saw that don't have my baggage,but someone other. I was in shock , I didn't know what to do , then I saw a girl with baggage who likes this sime like mine, I went to her and she said that I guess it's mine and i had her baggage, after this everything we went on the dinner .
Now I am in every Saturday in Berlin... :)

With Love,
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When we was there we realized that the movie had started 1 hour earlier!It was really strange situation , because we were quite sure that is was 7 pm.In fact , we forgot that it was the day of changing the hour!Finally ,we had to change our plan.We went to the new cafe in the "Butterfly" shopping center.We were talking and laughing all the time. I thought that he is so serious person, but he is a really funny guy!His name is Kamil and he is at my age.I met him first time at the party on Friday.I hope you will meet him someday!

What 's going on in London??

Love, (your name)