Napisz w języku angielskim o wakacjach gdzie byłeś co robiłeś jak spędzałeś czas najlepiej gdybyście napisali o szwajcrii za szwaicarie dam naj !
nie pisać z translatorów ! w zrozumiałym angielskim podstawowym ! i tłumaczenie na polski bym też chciała :D
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Since long time I with my parents planed holidays.My dream was a trip to Turkey. Last July my dream come true. We went to a travel agency and as it hapens that is cheap trip to Turkey for two weeks.We are quick packed one's things into a suitcase. The journey by airplane lasted two hours. Beautiful weather greeted us in turkey. We quartered in a hotel. We went later to the beach. People were there very hospitable and cultural. Next day we drove to Istanbul in order to visit his asian and european part.Hagia Sophia made great impression for me. Third day we drove to visit Troy ruins. Whole the rest of stay, that is eleven days I spent my time for lazying, sunbathing, swimming in the sea, books reading and football playing. The weather was wonderful. Return was hard for me. I hope that sometime there I will return
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I'm on holiday in swis.It's great there but very cold. The are a lot of things to do in swis . I was in three national park. I was in hockey match, it was cool. Previously i didn't know anything about native swiss now i know a lot. In mountain i travel on snowmobile it's very fast. when i'm in england i tell you more
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