Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

1- I go to secondary school.
2-Volunteers help take care of the elderly, the handicapped and hospital patiens.
3- Every week I go with my friends to the movies.
4-I usually have to help my mother in the housework.
5- A lot of people read newspapers every week.
6. The journalists have to select the information and cover the most important events.
7- Many young people in Poland smoke cigarettes.
8- I like doing sport.
9- Kate and her friends sit in the garden and have a barbecue.
10- I'm listening to music.
11- I always do my homevork on Friday.
12 A group of students of drama school perform the play every Saturday.

Skończyły mi się pomysły ;D Ale mam nadzieję, że chociaz troszkę pomogłam :D
13- My dad is cutting the grass right now.
14- Zoe bakes delicious cakes.
15- My family travel around the world every holidays.