1.Read the postcard again. Put the verbs in the correct from(present simple, present continuous, or past simple) write a postcard to another student. Imagine you're on holiday in another or city.

Are you haying a good time?
When did you arrive?
Where are you staying?
What did you do yesterday?
Where are you at the moment?
What are you doing?
Say something the town/city?
Say what you usually do in the evening?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hey .....(imie tu wpisz kogoś)

I'm going to have a good time on this holiday.
I arrived two weeks ago in Warsaw to London.
I'm going to stay at the hotel in London.
I am with my friends here and I am heaving good funn.
Today i did many things and i went to see the old town in London and Web minister abby and ice sircle and the big ben. The everything was really amazing.
Now I am at the restauran with my friends and we are eating pizza.
The many polish people are here and we can talking in english and polish. (wow).
London is the big city. London is bigger than Warsaw.
In London people aren't rude they are polite and nice.
I'm going to do this evening nothing special propablay I will go to the city center.
Your .......(imie)
Mieszkałam w angli troche i mam nadzieje ze uda mi sie tobie jakoś pomóc. Jak tak napisz wiadomość do mnie i prosze o ocenne.
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