One day, when the mud to school, I thought about this it will be without another boring day spent in the kennel. However, this date will be made on me for life in memory. This was the best day spent in school. Literally, we could do what we wanted. Of course, we were annoying: We ran the school, dancing on the benches, to teachers psociliśmy, udzielaliśmy them to dance lessons and at moments pouczaliśmy them. Teachers do not respond to our behavior and they have done cho wanted. Frankly behaved a bit like us. Lady of mathematics, which is always przynudza this time she did the makeup in the style of sweet em. Chemist went to the house and allowed us to do the experiment. At the end of this beautiful day surprised us the most physical education teacher, said the sponsors of our tour where we want. So we chose a dream trip to Paris.
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