On my holiday i was in Turkey in Ankara. I was sleeping in the hotel. I was there with my parents and my friend.There were cool. Every day we were sightseeing and swimming. The best there it was that we could taning all days . Every evening we wre walking and looking for some good exhibitions and restaurants .My last holiday is my the best .
Last holiday I was in Paris . I was there two weeks.
I arrived to France to my aunt . Flight was very tiring(męczący).
I was in the airport on the evening. My aunt was waiting for me on the parking car. When she was meeting me she said : I`m so pleased you came! ( ciesze sie ze przyjechalas). I stay in her house which was near Sekwana river. The weather was very hot and sunny so we was going to the beach and we was sunbathing.
When I was sightseeing I looked many other monuments(zabytków) : Notre Dame cathedral, Panteon church, museum Luwr and Eiffla tower. I and my aunt was admiring(podziwialismy) scenery(krajobraz) of the town when sun rised. It was beatiful view.I was taking more photos. Every day we go swimming and walk around the town. I never forget my last holiday in France.
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