Old stone house in one of the poorer districts of Warsaw. Story opens with the narrator's relationship to those that bought from the antique dealer vest. Vest has a very interesting history. Once belonged to a marriage. These people are very much loved. The man was an official, a woman teacher, and despite the fact that led a modest life, they were very happy. To time. One day, in fact, it turned out that her husband does not call. At first it looked scary, but then began to violently attack the disease. It was tuberculosis. Incurable then. Husband from day to day mizerniał, was forced to resign from work. Wife also opt out of his professional duties, and days to watch with my husband. All the clothes hung on him like the fear of sparrows. Husband wearing his favorite vest every day pushed the bar to show his wife that he did so not weight loss. One day he surprised even himself when the slide bar, it appeared that the vest is for him to be tight. Boasted that from his wife. Poor man, he was not aware that the wife of his immense love, so do not worry about her husband's health, every night that cut short a little bar. In this way both to deceive, but this was fraud in the name of love, kindness of heart, with care. But soon her husband died. Desperate woman, the impoverished to the limit, because the treatment was quite expensive and need to sell this vest in her husband. He bought her an itinerant trader, and later bought it from him tell the story, who was a neighbor of that marriage and the whole time watching the couples struggle with the cruel disease, and no better fate, struggle to save their love, joining and not be ill.

Ps. niewiem czy dobrze są sformuowane niektore wyrazy wiec nie ponosze odpowiedzialnosci jesli bedzie cos źle. Nie chcesz nie pisz :)
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Kamizelka – what can hide under this harmless title?

Getting down to this tiny book, I wasn't sure, whether sending her will reach me. Most noticeably I didn't appreciate myself, because with ease I identified the central thought of the book.
Aleksander Głowacki, known in literature under a pseudonym Bolesława of the medieval Prussian, titled this short story,, Waistcoat ’ ’. This expression concerns the important motive in the story, that is – of waistcoat old, worn out. The action of the reading is in progress in the certain Warsaw tenement. An observer is at the same time a narrator and a buyer of the old waistcoat which at one time belonged to the hero living opposite him. At first the author is serving the history of very narrator which is buying the title object from the salesman for us. It is turning point in this short story, because from now on we learn about fates of the marriage, which relating is observing for some time. They are leading the calm life, but... up to the time. Because one day, the Husband is ill. The desperate Wife is calling on the doctor which unfortunately doesn't have information good for her for the help. From this moment complications with which the marriage is getting by just enough are beginning. The end is sad, but beautiful. Alone I don't know, whether it appealed to me, because from one side it was written in the artistic way, on the other depressed. Probably I will refrain from expressing my opinion about the ending of the book.
A problem which was moved in the short story is deep and rich emotion these two people were presented with which. Spouses were gifted to delude oneself each other so that don't lose the faith and support one another each other on the ghost. For you she shortened the belt being stuck by the waistcoat in order not to worry the man of one's life, with fact that he is losing weight, and because of that disease is developing. And the Husband lied to the Wife moving the buckle in the belt. Both were pleased with the fact that they could relieve at least a bit second in so difficult times.
To sum up – they are reading terribly quickly, the keynote is splendid, and the medieval Prussian displayed the great ingeniousness and the attitude of no small importance towards heroes. I recommend the determination! For whom? With the one which alone will state that they are ready to read "Kamizelki" and well-disposed to everyone which intend to start with short stories. The medieval Prussian is my favorite in this kind. My opinion on this book is completely positive!