Will - decyzja , chec wykonania czegos

going to - zaplanowana wczesnie czynnosc

I will make the lunch
I will be happy
She will make some soup
They will have done it by June
I will help you dust the carpe
I will be rich

I'm going to go to the cinema.
We’re going to play football this afternoon.
She is going to have a baby
I am going to have my hair cut this week.
They are not going to read that novel this evening.
I'm going to go to the shop
Czasu going to uzywamy do mowienia o planach i zamiarach lub do mowienia o przypuszczeniach bazujacych na tym co wiemy lub widzimy.

1.I am going to visit mz grandparents.
2.He is going to buy some bead.
3.We are going to go to cinema.
4.He s going to go America next year.
5.I am going to buy a book.
6.Are you going to watch TV?

Czasu przyszego prostego Futum Simple uzywamy do mowienia o planach na przyszlosc podjetych spontanicznie , obietnicach oraz przypuszczeniach opartych na naszych domyslach.

1.I will make a tea.
2.She will watch a film.
3.I will help you witch your homework.
4.I will call you in the evening.
5.Summer will come soon.
6.You will pay for this!