Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A: Hello waiter, I booked a table in this restaurant yesterday
B: Ok, wait, I'm going to check your reservation, your name please ?
A: It's John Smith
B: S M I T H, right ?
A: Yes, excatly.
B: I checked it, you have booked table number 16, haven't you ?
A: Correct, could you take me to this table ?
B: Follow me, please

After a while, guest sat on the chair.

B: What would you like to eat or drink ?
A: So, for a starter, I would like baked eggs with bacon, and orange juice.
B: Yes... What else ?
A: Then for the main course I'd like to eat fresh vegetables with potatoes, please.
B: Anything else, sir ?
A: No, that's all.
B: Would you like to pay now or later ?
A: Hmm, now.
B: It will be fourty six pounds, sir.
A: Ok, here you are.
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You: Hello
Waiter: Hello, May I help you?
Y: Yes, what dish you can direct today?
W: We have very delicious pancakes with chocolate creame
Y: Okay, I will take this.
W: Do you want something to drink?
Y: Have you got Coca-Cola?
W: I'm sorry, we haven't. But If you want, You can order Pepsi.
Y: Yes, please. One Pepsi.
W: With ice?
Y: No, thanks.
W: Okay, something else do you want?
Y: No thank you.
W: Okay, I'll be back in moment with you Pepsi.
Y: Thank You.

Wraca z Pepsi.

W: Here you are.
Y:Thank you.
W: You're welcome.

Przynosi naleśniki

W:Here you are.
Y: Thanks a lot.
W: Bring you bill?
Y: Yes, please.

Przynosi rachunek.

W: It will be 15 zlotys. Cash or card?
Y: Cash, here you are.
W: Thank you. Enjoy your meal!
Y: Thanks, bye !
-Hello! How can I help you?
- Hello. I would like to order something to eat. What can you propose me?
- Hmm... I can recommend you tomato soup, it's special of cooker.
- Ok. I'll take it.
- Ok. Please wait 10 minutes.
- Thank you.