I have one dog. He`s name is (imie twojego psa).He is (ile ma lat) years old she is (kolor i rasa np. black york:P). Hee is very gay and friendly. he loves to look out of window. he sleeps in bed with me. I like it, because she is warm. But sometimes it can be uncomfortable. he eat special food for dogs. Candies are her favourite food . When I'm going to school she falls asleep and wakes up when I get back.
I have got a dog. He's name is Bancer. He is 3 years old. Bancer is small and hairy. He has a dark brown fur. He likes when I often go to walk with him. I love play with him. He is very obedient. Bancer barks when somebody comes. He loves sleeping very much but he wakes up when something happens. I love him very much and I can't imagine myself my live without him. ;)

Nie wiem czy dobrze. Myślę, że tak.
Mam nadzieje, że pomogłam ;)