ZADANIE 1. Ask and aswer.
1.Sally/made a video before (false)
2.Kate/visit New York (true)
3.Pedro and Gabi/be on TV (true)
4.Laura/meet Eminem (false)
5.Ben/win a competition (true)
6.Jack/be so embarrassed(false)
7.Gabi and Tomek/ see the Queen? (false)
8.Paula/go to Italy? (true)

ZADANIE 2. Complete wiht these words.
1.A__is someone who works in a restaurant.
2.A__is someone who is in charge of a film.
3.A__is someone who buys things in a shop or a meal in a restaurant.
4.A__is a list of the food you can order in a restaurant.
5.A__is a green open space in a town or city. 6.A__is something that a men wears round his neck over a shirt.
7.A__tells tourists about a place they are visiting.
8.A__is a place where they play football. 9.___is the first meal of the day.



1 zadanie

1.Has Sally made a video before ?
No, she hasn't

2. Is Katevisiting New York ?
yes, she is

3.Were Pedro and Gabi on TV ?
Yes, they were

4.Did Laura meet Eminem ?
No, she didn't

5.Did Ben win a competition ?
yes, he did

6.Was Jack so embarrassed?
no, he wasn't

7.Have Gabi and Tomek seen the Queen?
no, they haven't

8.Is Paula going to Italy?
Yes, she is
5 2 5