17 again

Curse those confounded expectations: this airbrushed Zac Efron vehicle is really not so bad. Crucially, it showcases a performance by the High School Musical moppet that is so warm and winning it almost made me want to revisit those earlier button-eyed, song-and-dance antics.

Efron plays Mike, the 17-year-old reincarnation of a middle-aged sourpuss (Matthew Perry) who has squandered his promise and alienated his family. As is the way in such movies, Mike gets the chance to relive his youth and starts strolling the halls of his old alma mater, fending off his pouting daughter, riding to the rescue of his bullied son, and learning some important life lessons along the way.

The script is an assortment of sugared sentiment and Day-Glo contrivances. And yet there is something convincing - even poignant - about the teenaged Mike, a prissy old celibate in the guise of a hormonal Adonis. When he's not preaching abstinence to the boys, Efron can be found earnestly lecturing a group of incredulous girls on the value of self-respect. "You don't have to respect me," one informs him. "You don't even have to remember my name."
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The film, which I had the opportunity recently to see, that 2012 was wonderful! impressed me the most amazing special effects, which in the film were almost at the moment. The film talked about the end of the world, which is expected in 2012. the main character was a middle-aged man who went with his children from a previous marriage into the tent. Fortunately the story ended happily, because everyone who survived the catastrophe came to a place which was untouched, to create a new civilization.
Movie rely especially those who love action movies
A walk to remember ( szkołą uczuć )
True love story of two people which are just becoming adult. The action of the film is in progress at the higher education institution in Beaufort. Here everyone are classifying everything, they are sorting. The membership is one of important values. The hunak and the joker Landon Carter certainly is at school on the most important list. And for Hollow Sullivan? She is appearing on none of lists. Of the ones two would most probably never keep an eye on oneself, if not for tragic accident of Landon's friend. More close they will meet during the spring performance in the Dramatic Club. Flirtation tightened its bows, and above everything mistletoe is hung... The script of the film isn't sinning with originality – admittedly. But the ones which will see the film, perhaps will become convinced that sometimes it is worthwhile keeping an eye on "hares". Among them it is also possible to find interesting personalities.