Odpowiedźcie na te pytania plis

1.What's the longest river in your country ?
how long is it?
2.What's the highest mountain?
how high in it ?
3.What's the deepest lake ?
How deep isit?
4.What's the highest building?
How high is it ?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. The longest river in Poland is Wisła. It's 1047 km long/
2. The highest mountains in Poland are Karpaty. The highest top is Rysy, it's 2499 m above the sea level.
3. The deepest lake in Poland is Hancza on Mazury, it's 108,5 meters deep.
4. The highest bulding in Poland is in Warsaw. This is a culture palace, it's 203,7 meters high.
The longest river in my contury is Wisła. It is 1047km long
The highest mountain is Karpaty but the highest mountain is Rysy. It's 2499m high.
The deepest lake is Lake Hańcza. It is 106 meters deep.
The highest building is Palace Cultury and Science. It is 230 meters high.