Hej. Tak więc potrzebuję recenzji, któregoś z tych filmów filmu (po Polsku, najlepiej by było, gdybym dostała także w pakiecie tłumaczenie angielskie, ale samym polskim też nie pogardzę ) : zmierzch, księżyc w nowiu, Harry Potter ( obojętnie, której części), Słodki Listopad( byłoby najlepiej ;) ) lub Sherlock Holmes ( wersji nowej ;) ).
Naj dam tylko w wypadku recenzji napisanej po polsku i dodatkowo przetłumaczonej na angielski :) .

PS nie potrzebuję gotowczyków z neta, tyle to i ja mogę zrobić ;].

Co ma się znaleźć w recenzji :
a) reżyser
b) kiedy powstał film
c) gł. aktorzy, i jaką rolę zagrali w filmie
d) fabuła
e) dodatkowe informacje, ciekawostki.

Pozdrawiam :) :)



Przetłumaczone na angielski.
New Moon is a continuation of Twilight, the review began with the words "thank you to you in already." But this time the matter is not so simple, because the second part of the romance for teens may even fancy their male counterparts. Not exactly, of course, because it is still novel in which feelings play first violin. Nevertheless, worth a try.

I will say is not wrapped in cotton - New Moon is Twilight is better, but the scores for several things, get same. Before we reached for this position, I was wondering whether Mrs. Meyer will not get bored of me. Feeling Bella and Edward are already stabilized yet. In addition, shares the book begins with a few months after the Twilight, which automatically condemns us to sighs, kisses and sincere confession of love, right? Wrong. The author wybrnęła with this situation in a manner so simple as to be ignorant: got rid of because of Edward. Themes, for which he leaves Bella, are ridiculous, so do not spuśćmy the merciful veil of silence. The logic behind this for a penny, and even without the story loses much of its arrogance, malice, and cut comments. Furthermore, leaving the whole family Cullenów. I do not understand how you can continue to deprive the most characteristic form of the first part, but it certainly does not leave the reader indifferent (Bella as well). Girl after this loss goes into a stupor and lost contact with the outside world completely (bad idea with blank cards, marked only the names of the consecutive months). Dig out of this miracle, and a few days later he discovers that spending time with her childhood friend, Jacob Blackie, pretty well protects it from relapsing into depression. Young people spend with each other more and more time, Jacob has something more, Bella can not give him that ... Deadlock. To time.