ZADANIE 1. Ask and aswer.
Carol/see the Iguazu Falls
-Has Carol ever seen the Iguazu Falls?
-No, she hasn't.
1.Sally/made a video before (false)
2.Kate/visit New York (true)
3.Pedro and Gabi/be on TV (true)
4.Laura/meet Eminem (false)
5.Ben/win a competition (true)
6.Jack/be so embarrassed(false)
7.Gabi and Tomek/ see the Queen? (false)
8.Paula/go to Italy? (true)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.Has sally ever made a video before.
no, she hasn't
2.has kate ever visited new york ?
yes dhe has
3.have pedro and gabi ever been on tv ?
yes they have
4.has laura ever met eminem ?
no she hasn't
5.has ben ever won a competition ?
yes he has
6.has jack ever been so embarrested ?
no he hasn't
7.have gabi and tomek ever seen the queen ?
no they haven't
8.has paula ever gone to italy ?
yes she has
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