Napisz tekst o przyszłości po angielsku . Musi być w 3 paragrafach.
Ten Tekst musi być o tym jak bedzie kiedyś. Np. Że Będa roboty czy coś takiego.
Mogą sie zaczynać tak;
Paragraph1: A better life?
in my opinion...
Paragraph2: Acions and consequences
I think it's important that..
In general I feel..
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A better life? In my opinion the Earth will be very polluted.
I think it's important that there will be a lot of robots. It means that people won't have to work. Folks who love animals will buy an animal-robot. If it happens, people will feel very lonely.
I belive pupils will have a computer with the Internet on their tables. It means that learning will be easier.
There will be small pills instead of food which give us energy for all day, so we won't have to eat.
I think sciencist will produce strange genes. There will be a lot of wars. People will die because they won't be able to defend against modern weapons.
The glaciers will melt. The cosmic radiaton will bring new illnesses and painful death for the human race. Some of people will survive. They will have to build the civilization again.
In general I feel the Earth won't be a good place to live. But those are only my opinions. We should be optimistic.
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