Napisz artykuł po angielsku o elektrowniach wiatrowych używając podanych argumentów za i przeciw i ich wyjaśnienia:
1.It is friendly to the environment. ; wyjaśnienie-We don't burn fossil fuels to generate electricity.
2.Wind turbines do not take up much space. ; We can use the ladn around them for many purposes.
1.It can be very expensive. ; We needa lot of money to build them.
2.We cannot always trust the wind ; In many areas, the wind strenght is too low to support a wind turbine.

nie musi być długie około 80-100 słow
to zadanie pochodzi z ćwiczeń Access 2 zad.4/59

z góry dziękuję ;*



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Wind (or windmill) is a way to free energy by reducing the fees paid for fuel, heating, electricity, etc. Electricity from the windmill is best used for heating water in a boiler, space heating, etc.
If you have central heating is advisable to put additional electric heaters in the water, to which it is supplied power from the generator. In such cases, no agreements are needed to stabilize voltage generator, for example, when the winter wind blows at the same time heat boiler, and when the wind blows the heater, of course, not heat, but the demand for heat is also smaller.
Additional incentive to build wind power plant is able to benefit from tax relief, ie, deduct the cost of the construction of the agricultural tax.
This site gives examples of completed wind farms built so. economic system by private individuals. Here you can also find information on the national producer generators - Komel Center in Katowice.