Ex.1 Odpowiedz na pytania

1.Do you ever go out for meals? Why?/Why not?
2. What is a popular main course in Poland?
3.What's your favourite dessert? Why do you like it?

ex.3 Dobierz wyrazy do odpowiednich kategorii.

fry, peel, a plate, roast, boil, a frying pan, stir, grill, poach, melt, mix, a bowl,slice,bake, a saucepan, pour, add, scales, grate,cut, an over, mash, a dish, weight, chop

Preparing the food:
Putting ingredients together:
Methods of cooking:
Kitchen equipment:



3. My favourite dessert it ice-cream with fruits, because is very good.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.I go out on meals often, because when i go from the work often get back home so has nothing to eat I am going to the pub.
2.Main course in Poland is broth.
3.On dessert i like eat fruits because it have many vitamins.

Preparing the food:peel, fry, roast, boil, a dish,mesh, pour
Putting ingredients together:chop, stir, poach melt, bake, cut,
Methods of cooking:mix, an over, add
Kitchen equipment:a plate,a frying pan, grill, weight, a saucepan, grate,

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