Napisz opis plakatu na którym jestem ja i moi przyjaciele.
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PARAGRAPF 1: Colour and personality
In my picture the colours are...
PARAGRAPH 2: Photo and activities
There's photo of me... . In the photo I'm
PARAGRAPH 3: Other people, places and interests
There are other people... . You can see ...

pilne ! :))



Few days ago I made a photo of me and my friends. When I saw it on my computer screen I said that I must have it in a big size over my bed.

So, my picture is full of colours, because I don't like dullness. It's in a picture frame and it has a white paspartou.

There's a photo of me and my friends, Sue and Emily. In the photo we're wearing colourfull dresses, because it's summer and we love making photo shoots when it's a good weather and nature is so beautiful.

There are other people at the background, but we are the most inmportant people in the picture, beacuse we're friends, friends for ever and this photo always remember the best days in our lives!

Jakieś pytania? Chętnie odpowiem :))