Czy ktoś mógłby sprawdzić mi moja pracę pisemną z anglika?

My name is Victoria . I love dancing. Once I attended a hip-hop and disco dance curs with my friends. It was very great and interesting. Now I dance just for entertainment. I like running too. Lately I ran 800 m in a competition and I occupied second position.
My father likes riding a bike. It keeps him very fit. He can do it all the time and never get tired. He likes running too, like me.
Mum loves playing volleyball with her brother and friends. Everybody want always to be in team with her, because she is a very good player.
My parents like mountain hiking. They like bowling to ! My dad even belongs to a specially club, where he can play at this magnificent play. Sometimes he takes me out and we together go to the Fantasy Park – there we can play bowling. He always winning !!!
My uncle live in Switzerland, in Neuchatel. Neuchatel is a small town situated on a lake.My uncle is a good angler. He always catches big fish. He like sailing on his racing yacht too.



It was very great = It was really great
never get tired = never gets tired
Everybody want always = Everybody always wants
They like bowling to = They like bowling too
specially club = pecial club
He always winningHe always wins
My uncle live =My uncle lives
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"Lately I ran 800.." I RUN 800m... i nie lately

I... to wszycho Powodzenia na lekcji

Run, a nie ran a tak reszta to dobrze.