Potrzebuje wypracowanie na 120 słów. Tematem tej pracy moze byc wymyslona przez was straszna historia . Wypracowanie to musi byc napisane w czasie przeszłym ( uzywaj czasu Past Simple i Past Progressive) bardzo bym prosiła aby praca była napisana na poziomie 1/2 klasy gimnazjum :) BARDZO PROSZE :) Z GÓRY DZIĘKUJE ;)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
You won't belive it but!
I and my friendly went for a walk. down by the river, near my home where we used to sit and talk quite often. That night was terribly cold misty and gloomy.
Walking around we did not realize what just to happen. Suddenly, we became very cold as the wind was blowing and didin't have warm clothes. We decidet to go back home , but often a few minutes it bacome clear that we do not know where are . There was no idea where to go . We were extremely terrifie . All of a sudden. we heard a strange noise which souden like screaming for help. We went towards it nd saw somenthing which I never forgetin was a women with red eyes and broom . we couldn't say a word . A up in my bed . It's just as well , the whole it was only a dream . But he seemed so realistic.
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