Napisałby mi ktoś(ale sam) po angielsku opis jakiegoś miejsca/miasta, w którym znalazły by się informacje: gdzie jest, co jest specjalnego/fajnego tam, co można tam zobaczyć, i jak stare jest.... Jakieś 10-15 zdań.... Pilne... Bardzo proszę ;) Daje 40pkt...



Warsaw is located in central Poland. You can see in it a lot of interesting places. The most interesting of these is the Royal Castle. In my opinion, it is also worth visiting the Old Town. Warsaw is a beautiful city near the Vistula River. Warsaw is the capital of Polish. This is the old town.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I chose this place because I went there on holiday for last three years, so i think that i know good this town. Town Gdansk is situated by the see. Gdansk is a part of three town. This is gorgeous place where you can see a lot of interesting things for example- na przykład) old town, ancient buldings and beautiful town square. there is a lot of tourist sights, mainly on holiday. There is the amusement park and in August for a few days in Gdansk load "Targ Domińikański" where you can buy everything what you want. In this town is a lot of museums and old churches which you can visit. Długa Street is the main street in the centre of Gdańsk. It's lined by magnificent, four-storey townhouses, some of them dating from seventeenth century. The exterior of every house i different- every house has been painted a different colour and there are some gorgeous patterns and design. At the end of the street there is a spacious square with a charming statue of Neptune. Gdansk is a very picturesque and quite town which especially at nigcht looks unique.

**na pewno jakieś drobne błędy są, za które z góry przepraszam ;)