You are staying in Weymonth . You have an English penfriend who lives quite near. your landlady has given you tickets to a show at the local theatre and you would like your friend to join you. Write a semiformal letter to your friends parnets about the event

*Introduce yourself and say what you are doing in Weymonth
*Say what the event is and explain how you' ve got tickets.
*Explain how to travel and arrange a suitable place to meet .
* Use the advertisement and the notes below to write your letter.

To ma byc list .. oczywiscie ..
oczywiscie po angielsku



My name is Marta. I`m your daughter`s penfriend. I`m staying in Weymonth for 2 weeks to improve my English. I `m staying quite near, it`s about 5 kms.
My landlady has given me 2 tickets for a show at the local theatre and I would like to invite your daughter to join me. I don`t know anybody else in Weymonth and I can`t go to the show by myself. If you let her to go with me I would be grateful. She can travel by bus no 2 and get off near the post office. I will be waiting at this bus stop. I`m waiting to hear from you. My phone number is 123456, please call me and say if it`s OK.
Best wishes,