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Mateusz Wiśniewski
tel: 505 000 000
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Mr. Karol Napiórkowski
ABCD Company
HR Department

Dear Mr. Napiórkowski,

I am writing in regards to your current Human Resources Development Project Manager opening of which I got to know from "XYZ newspaper", August 23, 2005. Having worked in this profession, I am strongly convinced that my former experience and competence will be of great value for your organization.

As a this year graduate of Psychology, I present a high level of human resources academic knowledge as my major course was "Psychology in HR Management". During my studies I was involved in many HR projects e.g. preparing recruitment tests for temporary employment agencies. I also did a research of corporate recruiting strategies concerning my MA thesis. I was also given an opportunity to work as a chief career counselor in the University Career Office. Over the last year I have completed more than 30 recruitment campaigns, none of which turned out to be a failure (reference upon request).

Irrespective of my age and short experience, I am able to contribute in the same matter to the success of your organization. HR projects lie in the sphere of my strong interest. Bearing a challenge of managing a group of people is a motivation itself for me. Moreover my professional experience allows me to motivate subordinates effectively. I am not afraid of confronting problems and have skills of solving them – thanks to my academic competence as well as my high level interpersonal skills. I am a responsible and at the same time spontaneous person and have been recognized as one who embraces creativity and new ideas.

For more detailed information please refer to my enclosed resume. I am eager to further discuss my qualifications during the interview. Thank you in advance for your generous consideration.

Mateusz Wiśniewski