Maciej Kapuśniak
Personal Data:
Address: ul. Flower 16, 45-700 Nowy Sacz
Marital status: Married, four children
Date of birth: 16/05/1968
Professional Experience:
10.97 - still MAKOPAK SA
Position: Head of Construction
Responsibilities: supervision of work on the preparation and execution of construction works associated with the erection of the structure of ground, underground and maintenance of buildings. Guiding the work of the brigades of construction, building and keeping accounts.
09.96 - 09.97 FESCO Sp. z oo
Position: Construction techniques
Responsibilities: work carried out construction and assembly and finishing and repair work on behalf of
03.91 - 04.96 SA Teksis
Position: Construction techniques
Responsibilities of the renovation work, construction, maintenance.
05.87 - 02.91 Impaco Sp. z oo
Position: Midfielder
Duties: help with rising construction of ground support equipment
1981 - 1986 Technical Building in Nowy Sacz
Executive powers
Computer literacy

List motywacyjny:

Maciej Kapuśniak
st. Flower 16
45-700 Nowy Sacz
BUDMEX Sp. z oo
st. Wawrzyniecka 16
02-300 Nowy Sacz
Ladies and Gentlemen,
In response to the advertisement for the position of construction manager, I would like to present their candidacy. Cooperation with your company will provide an opportunity for me to use my skills and knowledge.
Professional experience in the construction industry gained during the previous exercise of professional duties in the company Makopak SA I was responsible, inter alia, the timely supply of materials and the safety of subordinate my 6-passenger unit. Forward to the knowledge of the substantive issues to subordinates, internal consultations within the company. In my achievements is also more than a dozen projects, including related construction digol shopping center, an elementary school in Kurow, Regional Clinical Hospital for Children in Nowy Sacz. For my main responsibilities was a substantial oversight on projects, consultations, keeping accounts, ordering materials.
I have organizational skills, can collaborate with people. Demonstrate ability to give and enforce orders. Do well in stressful situations. I am the person responsible and independent.
Nature of the work of the position offered is in line with my skills and will provide a new challenge for me. We are happy to complement the information contained in my offer at the time of interview.
Maciej Kapuśniak
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