MAM ZA 2 GODZINY SZKOLE i musze mieć NA DZISIAJ zrobione..
zadanie musi zawierac 150 słow..
a wiec tematem zadania jest napisanie:
* jestes w Londynie i chcesz zeby kolezankatam do Ciebie przyjechalado Londynu: w jakim miesiacu
* masz opisac co tam ciekawego i porownac do swojej miejscowosci

i cos jeszcze wymysl :)

musisz uzyc czas as on czas przeszly2, 3 przymiotniki

bardzo prosze o pilne rozwiaZanie zadania gdyz mi jest bardzo potrzebne

prosze o szybka odpowiedz



Hi Amanda !
I'm writing to you from London! It's beautiful here! I have AMAZING view from my window!
there are lot of shops with clothes and shoes. You know, how I love fashion! They have all newest collections of my favourites brands.
I fell in love with this city ! There is so many things to do. You MUST come to me, maybe in August. We will have great time! London's people are so nice ! I love talking with them. There are so many handsome dudes! You will love it! London is 100times better than Warsaw. Everybody is happy here. There are no reasons to be sad. Yesterday I saw Big Ben , you know, this big, red clock, which is on almost every London's postcard.
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Hey Casee,

How are you doing?
I'm spending my holiday in London and I'd really like you to come and visit me here. London is an amazing city! I had a chance to visit Buckingham Palace, see the Big Ben and the London Eye.

Living here is completely different than living in Gdansk(wpisz cokolwiek, np swoja miejscowosc). Poland is not as exciting as England. What I really like about London is a culture diversity. There are a lot of nice and interesting people. Sometimes they look even a little bit weird but believe me London is a pleace that you will never forget. In comparison with British, Poles seem very sad and depressive. You can really see that British are easy-going and happy which this is what I really like about them.

Call me or mail me as soon as you can.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Take care,
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