Wypracowanie z angielskiego na temat przyszłości (do połowy strony A4) w opowiadaniu należy odpowiedzieć na pytania:
1 how will be life in the future? will it be better?
2 why will life be better or worse?
3 what is important for the future?what must we do?
4 what will be the consequences of these actions?
5 Do you feel optimistic or pessimistic about the future?
6 What will be able to do and what won't we be able to do?

writing plan:
paragraph 1: A better life?
In my opinion...
paragraph 2: Actions and consequences
I think it's important that...
paragraph 3: Conclusion
In general I feel...



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dam Ci moje wypracowanie, które sama kiedys pisalam na podobny temat. Kilka minut temu juz je opublikowałam komus innemu ;)

Life in 2060 will be different from the one in 2010. Technology and science will be very developed. I'm sure that we'll know everything about structures, molecules, and about whole our and animal's bodies.
Our knowledge about cosmos, celestial bodies and planets( maybe we'll discover new life on other planets) will be broadened.
I hope that we'll discover vaccine for all bad incurable illnesses.
But I think our life in 2060 will not be as desireable as the beautiful thoughts which enlighten our imagination.
Environment will be contaminated. A lot of plants and animals will die out. Unfortunately, i'm sure that there won't be any Pandas, Bengal Tigers, Whales, and Leopards.
It's so sad about what people are doint with our planet. But i hope that it will never happen.

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